Wishon Authorized Fitting Center

In 2003 Roy Nix and McNix Golf were the 1st Authorized Wishon Fitting Center in Georgia. Tom Wishon once described Roy Nix as ...one of the very best custom clubmakers on the planet! Roy Nix is an AGCP Master Clubfitter and Selected by Golf Digest in 2011 as one of America's Best 100 Clubfitters.

Why Custom Fitting

“Many golfers believe only great players need custom fitting. Not true. My experience is that the average result from my fitting customers shows they improve their handicap by about 10%, the higher your handicap the more you can improve”.

Set Make-up & Gap Fitting

One of the most important aspects of custom fitting is Set Make-up. Set make up and Gap Fitting insures that you have clubs to cover distances from your shortest shot to your longest shot in a linear progression. The FlightScope Doppler Radar makes this possible.

FlightScope Fitting Center

Golfers come to me for improvement in four areas, distance, direction, consistency, and solid contact. Flightscope allows me to quantify and show the degree of improvement to their swing and performance that a particular change in their equipment caused.

Aerotech Shafts

I have been touting Aerotech Steelfiber shafts nearly a decade. I’ve installed hundreds in all weights and flexes and the results have been spectacular. It comes as no surprise to me that they are now catching on with PGA Tour Players.

Book a Fitting for Spring

Get your swing in shape and come see me to get custom fit for a new set of clubs that will help you play better golf. The Spring schedule is filling up and only a few openings remain through May. Call: 762-821-3148. Sorry, Right Hand Golfers Only Please.

Play Better Golf

Custom fitting and custom clubs allow you to play the best golf possible based on your age, strength, and athletic ability. Having the right designs, the right length, weight and flex adjusted to your ability allows you to be the best golfer you can be.

Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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”I am dedicated to helping you lower your golf scores by fitting your golf clubs to your ability so you can consistently hit better quality golf shots”.

Do Not Buy any Golf Clubs until you get a fitting!

The reason for the fitting is to determine what you need to buy, Not to adapt what you already bought! The purpose of the fitting is to determine what head design is best for you, what shafts are best for you, and what kind of clubs you need in your set. What design and loft for your driver, what designs and lofts and how many fairways, how many hybrids, how many irons, how many wedges. All fitted to produce more center face contact at impact for straighter, longer golf shots. What is the best combination of clubs in your bag to help you play better and score better?

Tom Wishon’s 4 Levels of Custom Fitting

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