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Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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Over the years I’ve tested many, many brands of golf clubs. From the Nationally Advertised brands you see advertised on TV and in Golf Magazines to nearly every viable custom component brand on the market. Using a performance based fitting system allows the product to speak for itself while testing. By using my Conex connected system I am able to test various heads on various shafts and compare the results to get you the best fitting club possible. The use of the Flightscope allows me to measure each test club for performance values and thus narrow the selection process to the very best performing head and shaft combination for each golfer tested. Over the years I’ve been able to eliminate some brands simply because I’ve never seen results from  their heads that outperform other heads. The brands I am left with are the heads that continue year after year to outperform others and continue to test better than other brands. One brand that continues to stand out is Alpha Golf. Every golfer doesn’t test best with the same head. Head designs make a difference be it because of superior design, different MOI of the head or simply because of the way the head looks to the golfer. Some companies just never tested best, ever. So those companies were eliminated from me testing system over time. What is left standing are the heads and companies that did win and win often. Not always with the same head, but with several of their designs.


Alpha Golf was founded in 2000 by Dr. Jim Yeh, after decades of innovative physics research and design for the aerospace industry. His original pursuit for high-performance golf equipment has garnered him to be one of the true greats in club design today.

Within a few short years, the Alpha design team led by Dr. Yeh has produced drivers, woods, and irons acclaimed by industry experts and Tour professionals worldwide. Touted as “the Doc” by many of his associates and partners, Dr. Yeh continues to push for innovation in titanium shaping, manufacturing processes, and effective club fitting procedures.


Roy Nix has been a golf profession since 1967 and completed the PGA Business School in 1968 in the top 5% of his Class. Roy Nix been a Head Professional and Teaching Professional at two locations in his career and shifted his emphasis to clubfitting because a bad back severely limited his playing abilities. Roy achieved the coveted Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals highest achievement possible in 2009 when he became a Master of Golf Club Technology. Roy also was selected in 2011 as One of America’s Best 100 Clubfitters by Golf Digest magazine. In 2013 Roy published “Cracker Jack Clubfitter” an Amazon Best seller as a Kindle Book and later put into print as a Paperback. Roy also published a second book for clubmakers on how to operate a business that is now being sold by Tom Wishon to help clubmakers become better businessmen.

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