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Alpha Response Offset Carbon Driver


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The swing path is the main contributor of the slice. But if you look closer, it’s caused by the tangential force applied to the ball producing the clockwise spin. If you have a slice that starts out going right, then the club face may also be open (instead of square) at impact. This creates a launch angle pointing right from the very beginning. Changing your swing path to be more perpendicular to the target plane is one way to reduce slicing. But due to physical limitations this can sometimes be difficult for many players, especially seniors and beginners.

The three main elements of your drive affect the final ball placement Launch angle, spin, and initial velocity. An Offset Golf Driver can greatly assist in improving the first two. And it can even improve your ball speed.The 4mm offset of the Response driver “resets” your ball path in the case of an outside to inside swing path, effectively launching it straight towards the target. Instead of launching with a clockwise spin and towards the right of the target, the impact happens closer to the center of the clubface with less spin and a straighter trajectory.

Because the drive is launched straight with less sidespin, less energy is dissipated at impact. This “extra” energy is transferred from the Response Offset head to the ball making your drive not only straighter but longer.

Player Profile: High to Mid handicappers

You can have one of the finest designs in golf cutom fit for your swing and your ability by one of America’s Best 100 Clubfitters and Golf Professionals. Over 40 years experience in swing dynamics and fitting dynamics to insure the best fit for you.

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