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Play Better Golf

Custom fitting and custom clubs allow you to play the best golf possible based on your age, strength, and athletic ability. Having the right designs, the right length, weight and flex adjusted to your ability allows you to be the best golfer you can be.

Wishon Single Length Irons

Typical comments from Sterling® users: Thanks for your help Roy. This set is awesome! Before my Wishon Sterlings I almost never broke 90. Now I consistently breake 90 and hope to break 80 by the end of the year. Thanks R... PS - I will recommend you to everyone I know

PinHawk Single Length Irons

I haven't played a lot with the Pinhawks but I like them already. Hitting balls on the range they are as long as my ohter irons but what I like best is the dispersion is much tighter. Way more accurate and not as many miss hits. Golf is more fun! Thanks Roy

Wishon Authorized Fitting Center

In 2003 Roy Nix and McNix Golf were the 1st Authorized Wishon Fitting Center in Georgia. Tom Wishon once described Roy Nix as of the very best custom clubmakers on the planet! Roy Nix is an AGCP Master Clubfitter and Selected by Golf Digest in 2011 as one of America's Best 100 Clubfitters.

Aerotech Shafts

As the authorized Aerotech Fitting Center in Columbus it comes as no surprise to me that Steelfiber shafts are now catching on with PGA Tour Players. I’ve installed hundreds of Steelfiber shafts and the results in increased accuracy and distance have been spectacular.

Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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Now you can play better golf with a custom set of Single Length Irons…

Your set will be fitted and assembled by a Master of Golf Club Technology and someone selected by Golf Digest as one of America’s Best 100 clubfitters in 2011 before I retired and closed my retail location in 2012. I closed my retail golf shop and built a studio and golf shop at home. I’m not up to showing up for full time hours every day but I still love what I do and do it as often as I’m able. Let me use my experience as a golf professional and professional clubfitter since 1967 to help you play better golf with this unique concept.

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By now you are aware of Bryson DeChambeau and his single length clubs. Bryson was in second place all alone for a short time on Saturday at the Masters. Watch an interview with Bryson about his single length clubs.

When you order this set I will send you my long distance fitting from developed over the past dozen years a a custom fitter using a FlightScope swing analysis system to examine and analyze golf swing of my customers. My form will inform me about the nature of   your golf game and allow me to evaluate your equipment needs. Your answers and a few emails will give me the information needed to build your set to custom standards that will allow you to play better golf.

How to make the Wishon Sterling Single Length Custom Made Iron set even better.
In addition, at your request, I will send you a list of optional building techniques that could make your set even better. You will be even more consistent when all of the options for optimizing your new clubs are applied to your new set. These features will be at a slight extra charge but only if you want them and you can choose all or none as you desire. You will be billed separately for any additional features you wish to include in building your new set. If you do not choose any of the additional features the price below is all you will pay for your set.


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