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How to Buy Clubs

Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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I have several options for buying clubs.

  1. BEST – Book a Fitting and come in and I will build a set exactly to your fitting specifications. This will require a 50% deposit and the balance when the clubs are delivered or shipped to you.
  2. If you can’t come to me and get a fitting an online fitting is next best. Fill out my online fitting form, answer questions by email and phone to clarify the answers on the form, and I will recommend a set for you based on the information you provide. I have had great success with this technique but it is dependent on the accuracy of the information you provide. Once we determine what you need I will send you an email invoice which you can pay with your credit card or with PayPal. When the invoice is paid I will order your components and begin building and ship the clubs to you when completed.
  3. If you know what you need already. Call me or email with the specifications you want and I will send you a price, or an email invoice you can pay with your credit card or with PayPal. When the invoice is paid I will order your components and begin building and ship the clubs to you when completed.
  4. Buy From my shopping cart. If you prefer to pick a set in my shopping cart that is assembled to average specifications for length, weight, Swing Weight, Loft & Lie like the sets in golf shops and golf stores you can purchase directly from the cart. My store has assembled clubs from Wishon Golf Technologies, Alpha Golf and Pinhawk. All the popular shafts found in the name brand clubs with proprietary heads by independent designers like Tom Wishon who had over 100 firsts in head design. If you want a shaft not found in my store please write me at and let me know what you want. I will give you a quote on a set with that shaft. I also have a custom fitting feature available in my store. I can’t put all options in my store but write me and I will be happy to build a set the way you want it and I can quote anything you don’t see in the store.

Please note: I have access to virtually any shaft, and any grip in the market except for some of the proprietary name brand shafts and grips. If you do not see the shaft or grip in the shopping cart you may still be able to get a set with that shaft and grip. I do not list all possibilities in the shopping cart, only the most popular. Please feel free to write me at and inquire about any clubs, shafts or grips you desire.

All clubs made built by me are custom built after you order. Clubs will require that I order the components necessary to build them and it usually takes about 3 weeks to receive the components and build the clubs before I can ship them. Please allow 3 weeks from the date of your payment before you inquire about your clubs. I usually get them within a week on in stock items and 2 weeks on items I have to order for custom builds. But sometimes I get backed up and it takes a bit longer. – Thanks

Club Building
My first job in the golf business was after college. In 1967 I was hired as an assistant to Charlie Harper, the Pro at the Columbus Country Club in Columbus GA. The Caddie Master at that time was Howard Pitts and Howard had been the assistant to Fred Haskins who was a club builder. Howard gave me my introduction to club fitting, club building and club repair. After serving as the Head Professional at Sand Hill G. C., Fort Benning GA I was drafted and served in the Air Force. Upon returning home from my tour in the Air Force I was hired by Hugh Royer Jr. as assistant at Bull Creek G. C., Columbus Ga. Soon I moved to Four Lakes G. C. as the head Professional and was the manager of Cindo Golf in Columbus. At Cindo I built golf clubs and we were the unofficial repair shop for touring pros when the PGA Tour came to town with the Southern Open. My club building experience goes back a long way.

In 2003 after being out of the golf business for a long time I opened my golf shop as McNix Golf and I have spent the past 10 plus years studying custom fitting and advanced club building techniques. In 2009 I was certified as an Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals as a “Master of Golf Club Technology” or a Master Fitter. In 2011 I was named by Golf Digest Magazine as one of America’s Best 100 Clubfitters.

I use the most advanced building techniques to blue print each individual club in your set and match them to one another so they are the best possible instrument you can use to hit golf shots. In some cases each club can take up to an hour to build correctly. The attention to detail and precision in matching the set perfectly insures you more consistent quality shots each time you play.

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