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Custom fitting and custom clubs allow you to play the best golf possible based on your age, strength, and athletic ability. Having the right designs, the right length, weight and flex adjusted to your ability allows you to be the best golfer you can be.

Wishon Single Length Irons

Typical comments from Sterling® users: Thanks for your help Roy. This set is awesome! Before my Wishon Sterlings I almost never broke 90. Now I consistently breake 90 and hope to break 80 by the end of the year. Thanks R... PS - I will recommend you to everyone I know

PinHawk Single Length Irons

I haven't played a lot with the Pinhawks but I like them already. Hitting balls on the range they are as long as my ohter irons but what I like best is the dispersion is much tighter. Way more accurate and not as many miss hits. Golf is more fun! Thanks Roy

Wishon Authorized Fitting Center

In 2003 Roy Nix and McNix Golf were the 1st Authorized Wishon Fitting Center in Georgia. Tom Wishon once described Roy Nix as of the very best custom clubmakers on the planet! Roy Nix is an AGCP Master Clubfitter and Selected by Golf Digest in 2011 as one of America's Best 100 Clubfitters.

Aerotech Shafts

As the authorized Aerotech Fitting Center in Columbus it comes as no surprise to me that Steelfiber shafts are now catching on with PGA Tour Players. I’ve installed hundreds of Steelfiber shafts and the results in increased accuracy and distance have been spectacular.

Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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Being a custom clubfitter located in Columbus GA and needing to have the very best clubs possible available for my customers I have spent many years testing and researching heads and shafts to find the very best for my customers. Knowing that custom clubfitting can make a significant difference in a golfers ability to play better golf I want only the very best heads and shafts I can find for my customers.

“Almost all heads are manufactured in China or Japan today. There are a limited number of forging plants and casting plants and many of the major brands are manufactured side by side in the same plants. They are also side by side in some plants with the brands I use to build custom clubs for you. The same metals, the same workers, the same QC teams and finishing teams.

The brands I use have been tested over time to be the best performing heads I can find at a reasonable price. I don’t have them of the best heads, but I have enough to cover all design aspects needed to fit 99% of the golfers I meet. Most of the manufacturers heads I use are played on Professional Tours around the world. 

Don’t be fooled by advertising. Just about all 44° irons go the same distance at 80 mph club speed regardless of them having a PW on the bottom or a 9 on the bottom. Changing the numbers on the bottom of the club is not technology, it is labeling and marketing. There are a few designs that use technology to create spring faces by welding a thin piece of metal on the body to gain ball speed. They do go a little farther. Tom Wishon has a couple of these in his product mix as do a few other manufacturers.

When I played high school and college golf I had a 2 iron through 9 iron and had to buy a separate pitching wedge with 52° loft. Only a few years ago the same set of clubs had the numbers 3 – PW and the 52° was a Gap Wedge. Today some companies have that same set as a 4 – Gap Wedge and they have to manufacturer a 52° to go between the gap wedge and the sand wedge”.

The goal is to have a club in your bag for every distance between your longest full shot to your shortest full shot so you have a club for any shot between your longest shot and shortest shot. It doesn’t matter what the number is on the head. The score card only has a space for “how many”, there is no space for comments. You don’t have to tell what club you hit to the green.

I offer a number of options for purchasing clubs…
Please choose the one that works best for your situation. – Thanks

  • The absolute best clubs you can buy will be when you Book a fitting, come in and let me analyze your golf swing and build clubs to my exacting standards to fit the way you swing.
  • The next best thing you can do for clubs will be if you Fill out my online fitting form and let me build a set using my exacting standards to fit your specifications using my proprietary online fitting process.
  • If you can’t come in and do not want to wait on the online fitting process and you know what you want already; you can order a set of clubs the way you want them and I will build your clubs using my exacting building standards from your personal preferences.
  • Finally, there is the economy model, if you want a good set of clubs and you know what you want but you want them as inexpensively as possible you can order a set built to factory specifications just like the ones in your pro shop or the big box store.

There are several methods of payment for these options. All can be paid for though our online store, but if you are not comfortable with shopping online you can call me and I will take your order over the phone. I can also email you an invoice you can pay with your credit card or by PayPal. All options require a deposit before any work is done and the balance to by paid for when you pick up your clubs or they are shipped. (I recommend ordering custom clubs by email or over the phone to insure the set make up and specifications are correct)

One of the first questions I am usually asked by prospective clients is: Do you sell fill in the blank Nationally Advertised Name brand clubs? The answer is, no not any more. For 10 years I had a retail golf shop and for 10 years I bought the Nationally advertised brands and put them in my shop. For most of those 10 years I put those Nationally advertised brands in my fitting system along with the brands I now sell. My fitting system is designed to allow my clients to actually hit the heads and shafts while testing to determine which of them perform better. Using shaft and head connectors I can assemble any combination of head and shaft available and let my clients hit that combination. In all the years I tested the Nationally advertised brands with my brands, not once did the Nationally advertised brands test better than one of the brands listed below.  Over the years I have narrowed my test heads to those brands and models that performed best for my clients in testing. Now that I no longer have a retail operation and my space is more limited I eliminated all but the very best performing brands.

Just as there are cars that are very expensive and very good but are not advertised in the National media and remain relatively unknown there are head designs you’ve never heard of because they are not advertised in the National media. Did you know that the fastest production model automobile is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport? The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the fastest car of 2013. It achieves a face-melting top speed of 268 miles per hour, and out paces its nearest competitor by over 50 miles per hour. It also out paces its competitors in terms of price. “A ‘princely sum’ sounds inadequate when talking about a $2.4 million automobile, but if you want to go faster than any other street-legal car ever produced that’s what it will cost you,” Brauer said “The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the current King of Speed, and many Veyron owners have ‘king’ in their official title.”

I like to think of our boutique designer brands in the same way I think of these relatively unknown automobiles. When custom fitted they will outperform anything I’ve experienced in the marketplace of well know brands.

These brands are played on Professional Tours around the world by players who want the best or on lesser tours where the players have to pay for their equipment. Most of the highly advertised brands are played by players who are paid to play them and are not in many cases the same heads you can buy in a golf store. Most of the are Level 4 fitted clubs that are custom shaped to suit the golfer with the name and logo stamped on them.

We were the first authorized fitting center for Wishon Golf in the state of Georgia and have had a long standing relationship with Tom Wishon. We handle the complete Wishon line up of products, we are also an authorized custom fitting center for the following companies:

Tom Wishon is recognized in the industry not only as one of the premier designers with well over 100 design firsts to his credit, but Tom is also a leader in club fitting and has written a number of best selling book about club fitting. Tom’s best selling book “The Search for the Perfect Golf Club” is one of the bibles for golfers to read for a complete understanding of the myths surrounding modern golf equipment and technology. It is a must read for any serious golfer. Tom’s “Common Sense Clubfitting” is the number one book for clubfitters around the world and is a must read for anyone in my profession.

In addition to Wishon Golf, over the past 10 years we have tested and sold many, many brands. Eventually we narrowed our selection down to the heads and shafts that were our best preforming clubs for fitting customers based on our extensive fitting and testing processes. We retained only a limited number of brands that fit the needs of our customers. We have brands that are played on Professional Tours around the world as well as brands carried for their quality at lower price points and all are original designs by well know established club designers like Tom Wishon, Jim Yeh, Eric Yeh and others. Royal Collection is a premium priced brand played extensively on the Asian tours with iron offerings forged in Japan, Alpha and Infiniti are comparable to the Nationally advertised brands you see in Pro Shops and better golf stores around the world and advertised in golf magazines and on TV, and Kent Sports offers a high quality value priced line of clubs for discriminating golfers on a budget.

In addition to the highest quality heads we have available an array of the best shafts and our selections include, but are not limited to:

  • Aerotech
  • Aldila
  • Enzo
  • Fujikura
  • Matrix
  • OBAN
  • UST


  • FST
  • KBS
  • Rifle
  • Project X
  • True Temper


  • Pure Grips
  • Golf Pride Grips
  • Winn Grips
  • Lampkin Grips
  • *almost any other grip you want.

We list our top sellers only in our shopping cart due to space limitations now that I am retired with in a smaller shop and a smaller storage area. If there is a brand (head, shaft, grip) you want but do not see we can special order it for you but it will possibly add a few days to the delivery date.

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