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Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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By Appointment Only Please

Hi, I’m Roy Nix, an AGCP Master Clubfitter, and a Golf Digest 2011 selection as one of the Best 100 Clubfitters in America. Welcome to my web site. I operated McNix Golf as a retail operation for over 10 years. I closed the 4,000 square foot golf shop at the beginning of 2012 and built a fitting studio and workshop at home in Midland, GA.

Unfortunately my health finally forced me to close the shop because I can no longer put in the hours needed to operate a full time retail store. Now I only do what I love to do 1 day a week, but I enjoy it as much as ever.  For most of my golfers I provide a Level 3 fitting, for very few golfers I offer, to some degree, some elements of a Level 4 fitting, for very few golfers.  … as for those golfers I do not see in my studio who wish to purchase clubs online or call in an order I offer a Level 2 fitting.

(Although I concede that a long distance fitting does not come close to having you here in person to watch you swing, see your ball flight and record your data, there are a lot of ways we can communicate and I can help you improve your golf clubs if you do not have a quality fitter in your area. I have had a lot of success working with golfers around the world and shipping them clubs that improve their game. I see this glass as half full, not  half empty. In most cases the quality of the construction of your clubs alone will improve your consistency if nothing else.)

These days my fittings are on Tuesdays. In the mornings during the heat of the summer and a bit later in the day as the mornings get too cold. Unfortunately I can no longer guarantee I can be available at a time certain so I have to set up a tentative date and give the go ahead the morning of the day of the fitting. Because of this I only work with golfers in the immediate area around Columbus, GA. If I am able to go on the agreed on date I will contact them by 9:30 or 10 that morning with a go ahead.

I virtually reproduced my work shop and fitting studio at my home and I do fittings from the new studio at home, and build clubs from the new workshop at home. The new studio and workshop have all of the equipment and capability for fitting I had in the Retail store with the small exception of the retail products that I will no longer stock. The only thing missing is climate control because the net is now outside rather than inside and air conditioned. I still have hundreds of test shafts and test heads and the FlightScope Doppler Radar to analyze every shot you hit along with the video cameras, same as before. I also have putting green and the ability to fit and adjust putters and wedges if I need to. What may set me apart from most club fitters is the fact that I’ve been a golf pro since 1967 too. I was a head professional at Fort Benning GA before I was drafted in 1969 and again at Four Lakes G C in Columbus, GA after I returned home from serving in the Air Force. Please see my Resume page for a more complete background on my career in golf.

If you are interested in a fitting my rates are $125 per hour for the fitting. A $250 deposit is required to make an appointment, or get a tentative date. The balance to be paid at the conclusion of the fitting for that day. Clubs are extra and a 50% deposit is required to begin building the clubs. Since all sets are custom made based on your fitting, the components need to be ordered and it takes a minimum of 1 week to get the components in. Some components may take longer depending on the availability from the Company that sells your particular components. Depending on the backlog of orders when you are here it may take a week or more to build your set after the components are in hand. I ask for a minimum of 2 weeks after your fitting before you begin looking for your clubs.

I will continue to remain active helping my wife, Linda, operate our printing business On Time Printing the managing the Assoc. of Golf Clubfitting Professionals and continue to be active in the golf community. Fittings will continue to be done by appointment as described above and you can contact me at r.nix@mcnixgolf.com about booking an appointment which you can pay for in the shopping cart . Before you book in the cart and pay please be aware there is typically a short waiting period for an appointment, usually 2 to 3 weeks and often longer. Thanks for understanding.

If you are a golfer and want a great set of custom made golf clubs, or if you want shafts installed or custom work done on your clubs all of that will continue to be available for you. I’m not quitting, but due to my health and other interests I am cutting back on how many hours I can devote to the fitting business.

Services offered with a fitting:

  • Custom Clubfitting by a Golf Digest 2011 selection as on of America’s Best 100 Clubfitters
  • Custom Clubs custom made with original original designs and brands, made for you based on your fitting results
  • Custom Clubs made to your specifications for you based on your fitting
  • Stock sets made to the same, or higher, specifications as the leading Nationally advertised brands but with a much wider selection of head designs, shaft selections and grip selections
  • Custom Set Selection (what clubs you need in your bag)
  • Golf Game Management
    1. Scoring tips
    2. Chipping
    3. Wedge play
    4. Course management
  • Golf Fitness Instructions

Videos below are from the old shop but other than the retail the new fitting studio has the same set up and capability and even better video lighting.

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