Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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I started playing golf as a teenager and as soon as I found I was good at it I wanted to become a golf pro. Once I accomplished this goal I wanted to be a good teacher as well as a good player. But, in spite of all the work I did to learn all about the golf swing I could not help golfers as easily and quickly as I wanted to. But a little over a decade ago I started researching custom clubfitting and how it can help golfers play better golf and I discovered that between my knowledge of the golf swing and custom clubfitting I could actually help some golfers immediately to become much better at the game.

I learned early in my career that to be a good golfer a person had to devote endless hours to practice in order to learn the golf swing and make in instinctive. Therefore with lessons it took endless hours of practice to get better. It took me several years of clubfitting to learn that how the club was built has a lot to do with how well a person can swing that club. I discovered that a person who has been playing for along time and plays on a regular basis can improve dramatically if they are not playing the right set of clubs. Just as you will walk funny if your shoes are too tight you will swing funny if your clubs are too heavy or too light and not fitted as well as you need your shoes to fit. Unlike teaching, I can fix your clubs by spending an afternoon with you and analyzing you and your swing and testing various designs, weights, flexes and building you a set of clubs that fit your unique physical ability.

A few things I’ve done to become a good teacher and clubfitter

  • 1st Job as Golf Professional – Assistant Pro Columbus Country Club, Columbus GA
  • 1st Head Professional Job – Sand Hill Golf Course, Fort Benning GA
  • PGA Business School
  • Captain Patrick AFB Golf Team
  • Assistant Pro Bull Creek Golf Course, Columbus, GA
  • Head Professional – Four Lakes Golf Course, Columbus, GA
  • Golf Pro and Manager Cindo Golf Shop, Columbus GA
  • Founded McNix Golf, Columbus GA
  • Golfsmith Clubmaker School
  • Golfworks ClubFitting School
  • PCS Advanced ClubFitting School
  • Founded Assoc. of Golf Clubfitting Professionals
  • AGCP RT Education Conference 1
  • AGCP RT Education Conference 2
  • AGCP RT Education Conference 3
  • AGCP RT Education Conference 4
  • AGCP RT Education Conference 5
  • AGCP RT Education Conference 6
  • AGCP RT Education Conference 7
  • Tom Wishon Certified Clubfitter
  • Alpha Certified Clubfitter
  • Jack Nicklaus Certified Clubfitter
  • Infiniti Certified Clubfitter
  • FlightScope Clubfitter
  • Best Selling Author of “Cracker Jack Clubfitter”





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