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Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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Last year I published 2 Kindle books and demand allowed me to produce printed versions of both books. 


My first book,

Cracker Jack Clubfitter was a Kindle Best Seller at

. Cracker Jack Clubfitter is a book about the benefits of custom clubfitting and custom made golf clubs. 

It is available for download as a Kindle book and Paperback versions are available.

Read the endorsement by Golf Digest Senior Editor-Equipment, Mike Stachura…

“We are in an era that many are calling the “golden age” of golf equipment technology. While that may or may not be true, it is certainly the case that the sheer volume of new products and new ideas about metalwoods, irons, wedges and putters is overwhelming to the poor golf consumer. He or she is too often frustrated by the terms and the promises and even just the appearance of modern equipment that it often seems safer to not do anything and just keep plodding along with ill-fitting equipment that most certainly is doing little to foster real improvement.
The solution to this unfortunate and unnecessary malaise is, of course, knowledge about how clubs work and how the right fit is the ultimate game-changer for any golfer, touring pro or weekend warrior. That has been the hallmark of Roy Nix’s career as not just a clubfitter, but as a real educator in the game of golf. More importantly, what thousands of golfers have experienced over the years in seeking out his equipment advice and what so many more now will glean by reading this book, is that Roy educates without sounding like he’s conducting a doctoral seminar in quantum physics. He talks to us not only with the voice of experience but with words and examples that are simple and practical. He has a passion for making golfers better by showing them their true potential, and more importantly, how obvious that potential can be made real by the proper use of the game’s proper tools.
Quite simply, his ideas as detailed in this book can be the spark that inspires golfers and those who work with them to take complete advantage of the game’s golden age of equipment technology.”

— Mike Stachura
Senior Editor-Equipment
Golf Digest

Business Primer

My second book “How to Run a Successful Clubfitting and Clubmaking Business” is a Business Primer for Custom Clubfitters and is aimed at the businessman who does the work. Many who go into the profession do not have a business background and although they are very good at what they do a lack of business acumen often drives them from their passion.

The business book is being sold on the Tom Wishon web site to help clubfitters and clubmakers be more successful. As written on the Tom Wishon site:

The Custom Clubfitter Business Primer – How to Run a Successful Custom Clubmaking and Clubfitting Business

Rarely has there been a collection of specific information to guide clubmakers in the multiple tasks of how to operate and grow a clubmaking and fitting business. Now there is! This new book a wonderful resource of information for clubmakers who wish to increase their business!
The book is a must read for any Clubmaker who has been looking for the answers for how to sell more custom fit golf clubs and increase their business.
Written by veteran Clubmaker Roy Nix of McNix Golf in Columbus, Georgia, the book is the culmination of everything Roy and many other successful clubmakers Roy communicates with over the years have learned along the way to building their clubmaking and clubfitting ventures into a successful business.
–Tom Wishon

This is also a Kindle Book at 

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