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Roy Nix – AGCP Master Clubfitter & Golf Digest 2011 Selection – Americans Best 100 Clubfitters
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I am very proud to be an Authorized Fitting Center for Tom Wishon Golf Technology. I was the first clubfitter in Georgia to be given that distinction, and I am totally sold on Tom Wishon Golf Technology clubhead design knowledge and experience. For a small boutique company the number of Golf Digest Hot List head designs they have received over the years is remarkable. Because Wishon Golf has never been a heavily marketed brand, few people in the game are aware of the number of clubhead design technology firsts that Tom Wishon has created in his three decades of clubhead design experience. Tom has accumulated over 100 firsts in the industry over the years. Many of them you are very familiar with but because of the lack of marketing on behalf of the companies for which Wishon has designed clubhead models, many of Wishon’s design firsts are thought to have been conceived and created by various major golf companies.

Roy and Tom W 
In this photo I am shown presenting Tom Wishon with the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals award for Product of the Year for one of his innovations. I am a dedicated Tom Wishon believer. I sell the complete line of Wishon Golf Clubs, either by fitting you in person or by working with you from a distance if you can’t get to Columbus GA to see me in person.

Make no mistake, getting here in person is the ideal way to get fitted.

But… over the years I’ve had enough golfers come to me from all around the country who cannot find a qualified club fitter in their area to convince me I can help a lot of golfers. From the horror stories I’ve heard about the “local fitting pros” who claim to know how to fit golf clubs, I’m convinced that my experience over the past 10 years in advancing custom fitting will allow me to do a better job of fitting most golfers than a sales clerk in a golf store.

Having done so many fittings over the past 10 years I believe I can do more by talking to you than most store clerks or so called fitters that see you in person. The fact they have a launch monitor doesn’t automatically make them qualified to use it. I can look at your chest X-ray but I can’t tell you what it means as far as your health is concerned. Just because a store clerk sees your swing data doesn’t mean he knows how to fit your clubs either. By use of my fitting form and an exchange of email and telephone calls I can use my experience to create a set of custom made golf clubs that will help you hit better shots and lower your golf scores. It took many years to develop a fitting form to get the information I need to understand your game and I continue to improve it as I learn more from phone calls and emails during the fitting process. Through my question and answer process I can narrow down your needs to get you into a set of quality custom made golf clubs that will improve the way you hit the ball. I can also give you instructions to help you work with your local golf shop after you receive your new custom fit golf clubs to make some critical adjustments that make the clubs more accurate.

I don’t want to leave you with the wrong impression about clubfitters, there are lots of good ones around. I’m just giving due caution that there are a lot of folks out there that actually think that because they have talked to a company representative and or read a few articles about fitting, they know what they are doing. They simply don’t know what they don’t know. Experience is the best teacher, even if they have been to school and read a lot of books. Nothing teaches you how to fit better than doing it repeatedly over a period of years. The best way to judge how qualified your clubfitter is would be to invest in Tom Wishon’s book, “The Search for the Perfect Golf Club” and read it. In the book Tom describes several levels of fitting and how to question your prospective fitter to determine if he is qualified to do a good job. Take the question from Tom’s book and interview your prospective fitter and see how he stacks up. If he doesn’t and you can’t find one nearby, give me a call. I can help.
Read Tom Wilshon’s 4 Levels of Custom Fitting

My shopping cart list all of the Wishon Clubs but I cannot show any prices in the cart. Please look at the Wishon Clubs and if you want to order clubs you can email me r.nix@mcnixgolf.com and tell me what you want so I can call you, or call me at 862-821-3148 for pricing information and information on custom fitting and ordering the clubs.

For detailed listings of all Wishon clubs see our shopping cart

Tom Wishon Golf Technology designs each of their clubhead, shaft and grip models to be custom fit to the wide variety of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics seen among the different golfers who play this great game.

Tom Wishon’s design abilities are unsurpassed in the golf industry as evidenced by the more than 50 different design and engineering firsts that his models have achieved over the past 20 years in the golf equipment industry.  We welcome you to take the time to view the features and benefits of each of our Wishon Golf proprietary custom designed models to learn how a professionally custom fit by Roy Nix Wishon Golf design can help you play to the very best of your ability.


Tom Wishon Golf Technology is pleased to offer an array of different custom titanium driver head designs to offer golfers the very best in high COR, high MOI and superb forgiving variable face thickness performance combined with a pleasing head shape.  With a Wishon Golf proprietary titanium driver design, golfers can be custom fit into lofts from 8 to 17 degrees and face angles from 4 closed to 1 open to perfectly match their swings and to maximize distance, accuracy and shot consistency.


Wishon Golf designed the first fairway wood in the golf industry to reach the maximum COR limit originally imposed for drivers. From standard to shallow face height, slightly offset to conventional face progression, with thin face high COR performance, and in custom fitting options from a 2-wood up to an 11-wood, Tom Wishon Golf Technology has a proprietary custom fairway wood design to fit all levels of golfers.


From the super game improvement technology of variable thickness high COR face design all the way to exquisitely crafted traditional soft carbon steel forged, Tom Wishon Golf Technology has a custom designed iron model to fit all golfer types from over 30 to plus handicap players.


Tom Wishon Golf Technology was also the first company to design a hybrid clubhead with a COR that achieved the limit imposed by the USGA originally for drivers.  Tom’s ability to design custom, proprietary hybrid clubheads is well known in the golf industry.  Custom Wishon Golf hybrid designs can allow golfers to be custom fit for hybrids in lofts from 13 to 31 degrees to replace hard to hit lower loft irons.


From the player’s traditional design of the PCF Tour to the game improvement PCF Wide Sole to the ultra-game improvement fun design of the Giant Niblick, Wishon Golf can custom fit wedges to golfers of all abilities in lofts from 52, 56 and 60 degrees with a design assortment of sole width and sole angle fitting options.  Wishon’s proprietary precision CNC engraved Micro-Groove scoreline design offers the best spin performance in the game today.


The most overlooked club in the bag when it comes to professional custom fitting, Wishon Golf changes that trend for golfers with its custom assortment of putter head designs.  A Wishon Golf putter represents the widest range in custom fitting options for golfers for length, lie, head weight and head shape and style from traditional heel/toe to soft forged mallet to ultra-high MOI oversize.


Wishon Golf’s innovation in golf club design technology truly stands out through its custom designed S2S shaft fitting options.  Each S2S Shaft to Swing Fitting System proprietary shaft is designed for specific golfer swing characteristics of clubhead speed plus downswing transition force, downswing tempo and point of wrist-cock release.  Our S2S Shaft Fitting Software allows clubmakers to input each shaft related swing characteristic of any golfer to obtain Wishon Golf’s most accurate shaft fitting recommendation.


Golfers with a swing speed that is slower than average as well as juniors starting in the game have very specific custom fitting requirements that must be specifically met to be able to play with more enjoyment and learn the game properly.  Wishon Golf’s 730CL set for golfers with swing speeds below 80mph and the Future Pro junior custom designs offer these special groups of golfers the very best in their form of custom fitting game improvement performance.

You can have one of the finest designs in golf cutom fit for your swing and your ability by one of America’s Best 100 Clubfitters and Golf Professionals. Over 40 years experience in swing dynamics and fitting dynamics to insure the best fit for you. 

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